Sandbag locations

Weather patterns this spring have been challenging and unpredictable, resulting in sudden changes to creek, stream and lake levels throughout the Central Okanagan. Forecasts for increasing temperatures and wind activity in the coming days and over the weekend could result in flooding and damage to properties not adequately protected.

To protect public infrastructure, local municipalities, districts and communities are installing protective measures in key areas along the shores of area lakes, including several locations on Okanagan Lake foreshore.

Waterfront property owners should take action to protect their structures and properties from flooding and wave damage. This includes securing docks and boats and installing measures to protect against wave action and to prevent erosion.


Sandbags are currently available at the following locations:

If supplies are running low, please call the Public Works Yard at 250-469-8600

Boating and debris

Boating on area lakes continues to be permitted, but boaters and those using personal watercraft must keep speeds down, particularly when approaching or travelling near the shore. Boaters should also be on the lookout for floating debris that may have been carried into the area lakes from faster flowing tributaries. Debris washed up on beaches should be left for the time being, as logs and other wood material can help to limit erosion caused by wave action.

In the event of an emergency and activation of the Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre, find the latest information at, on Facebook (@CORDEmergency), Twitter (@CO_Emerg) and through email updates.