Bike theft prevention

Of the bicycles reported stolen or recovered by police, very few are returned to their owners because many owners don’t record the serial number or detailed description of their bicycle for identification purposes. Make sure this doesn't happen to you!

Protect your bike

Defend against bike theft and:

  1. Register your bike with 529 Garage bike registry ( online or mobile ) for free – it only takes 5 minutes!
  2. Get a 529 Garage decal from Kelowna RCMP to discourage thieves (we have 1,000 free decals - first come, first served)   
  3. Lock your bike properly

In the event your bike goes missing, you’ll have everything you need to notify the police and community to help recover your bike.

Why Project 529?

Kelowna RCMP and the City of Kelowna along with police departments across British Columbia are partnering with a company called  Project 529 to combat bike theft through improved education, prevention and enforcement.

Unfortunately, bikes are stolen in Kelowna everyday; bike theft has increased dramatically since 2010, and this year nearly 1,000 bicycles will be reported stolen in the Central Okanagan. Police are aware the number of stolen bikes is actually far greater, as studies suggest only a third of property crime is reported by victims. Take proper measures to lock your bike when it’s not being used and register your bike for free using Project 529 Garage for the best chance of having it returned if it’s stolen.