Bike theft prevention

Protect your bike: Lock. Register. Report.

A bike is stolen every 30 seconds in Canada. So protecting your bike could be as easy as keeping it locked anytime you aren't on it.

You can also increase your chances of having your bike returned if it gets stolen by registering your precious two wheeled friend with 529 Garage - an online or mobile registry that the Kelowna RCMP can access when stolen bikes are recovered. Registration is free and only takes 5 minutes!


  • Invest in the best lock you can afford
  • Don't lock your bike to things that can be cut, i.e. trees, fencing
  • Park your bike in high visibilty, high traffic areas
  • Never park your bike outside over night


Register your bike. Download the 529 Garage smartphone app or visit Project 529 to record the important details of your bike and store photos.


If you find your bike for sale online, contact the RCMP and work with them to assemble a plan. Never attempt to recover a stolen bike without police involvement.