In B.C. General Local Elections are held every four years. In Kelowna these include the election of a Mayor and eight Councillors to City Council, and the election of four School Trustees to the Board of School District No. 23. By-elections occur if a council seat becomes vacant within the four year term. 

The next scheduled General Voting Day in Kelowna is October 20, 2018.

Elections and by-elections are conducted according to the rules and regulations set out in the Local Government Act, which governs local government elections throughout B.C.

At the Polls

We require all electors to register at the time of voting for all elections. Voting for candidates is done by hand, on specially prepared ballots, but the vote counting is done electronically using electronic voting machines. Manual counts of each and every vote are no longer required, which means the vote tally can be calculated within minutes of the final voter casting a ballot. Unofficial city-wide election results are made available on our website following the close of voting. The paper ballots are retained in the event that a recount, whether electronic or manual, is required.

Municipal Election Results