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Financial principles and strategiesOn August 24, 2015, City Council adopted principles and strategies for financial strength and stability. 

The City defines financial strength and stability as “the ability to acquire and manage a portfolio of financial and physical assets that meet the current and future needs of our community.” 

This is the goal. The principles and strategies set out in this document will guide decision-making within the City and help to realize this goal and, ultimately, the vision for Kelowna.


The five financial principles are: 

  1. Sufficient
  2. Pragmatic
  3. Flexible
  4. Transparent
  5. Balanced

These principles serve as a basis against which the financial strategies that are outlined in the documents can be tested, reviewed and updated as needed.


The ten financial strategies that are used to meet our financial goals are:

  • Assets – New
  • Assets – Renew
  • Debt
  • Development Financing
  • Grants
  • Operations
  • Partnerships & Enterprise
  • Property Taxation
  • Reserves & Surplus Funds
  • User Fees & Charges

For more information, review the Financial principles and strategies document and summary one-pager.