Where the money goes

Kelowna is a vibrant, growing city where your tax dollars help create an active, inclusive and safe community, strong economy, clean, healthy environment, and resilient, well-managed infrastructure. It has become a place where 95 per cent of residents say their quality of life in Kelowna is good or very good and 84 per cent say they receive good value for their taxes (2015 Citizen Survey).

What your tax dollars pay for

Approximately one-third of the City's funding came from property taxes. The remainder of City funding comes from other sources , such as reserves & surplus, fees & charges, and borrowing. 

Your municipal tax dollars pay for a wide variety of projects and services, from Police and Fire services to waste collection and disposal, and transit to active living and cultural services.

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2017 themes

During the City Manager’s preliminary budget meeting with Council in September, three priorities emerged and the 2017 budget will reflect City investment in:

  • areas that are directly impacted by growth (e.g. development, homelessness)
  • processes that improve how we work and save us real money (e.g. cost savings from new energy technologies)
  • projects that improve the services we provide (e.g. enhancing online service)