Purchasing policy

Calling bids

Click here to view a copy of Bylaw 9590 Purchasing Policy.


Apart from the overall authority granted to the City Manager, only the following officials are authorized to call bids:

  1. Purchasing & Stores Branch may call bids for the purchase of construction, consulting services, equipment, material, supplies and services for use in City operations;
  2. The Manager Purchasing & Stores from time to time may delegate others such as The Divisional Director Infrastructure to call bids for City engineering works and services;
  3. The Real Estate Services Manager may purchase land.

Bid limits

Approximate dollar limits establish the methods employed to purchase equipment, material, supplies and services:

  1. Quotations are obtained (value of up to $75,000) by the Purchasing Branch or designate from internal price records or from known suppliers by telephone or in writing, depending on the value and complexity of the purchase. 
  2. Tenders or Requests for Proposal (above $75,000): will be advertised by the Purchasing Branch.  This advertising will include some or all of the following; local, provincial or national newspapers, the City web page at www.kelowna.ca, BC Bid (www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca) and the CivicInfo webpage (www.civicinfo.bc.ca). Known suppliers may be contacted directly.  Tenders are received and opened/registered in public in the City Clerk's office.  Requests for Proposals are not opened publicly.
  3. Items 1 and 2 above also apply to situation where the Purchasing process has been delegated to other City departments such as Infrastructure Delivery.