Purchasing Policy

Formal Public Tendering

City Bylaw No. 11477 is used to set Purchasing Policy.


Apart from the overall authority granted to the City Manager, only the Purchasing Branch is authorized to initiate formal public invitations to bid (formal Public Tendering):

  1. The Purchasing Branch may make formal public invitations to bid for the purchase of goods, services or construction for all City Business units;
  2. The Manager of Purchasing, from time to time, may delegate others to make invitations to bid for City needs;
  3. The Real Estate Services Manager may purchase land.

Formal Public Tendering Thresholds

Dollar values establish the methods employed to purchase goods, services, and construction:

  1. Quotations are obtained for most expenditures of $10,000 and above, but less than $75,000, by the Business Unit from suppliers by telephone or in writing, depending on the value and complexity of the purchase. 
  2. Formal Public Tendering, at $75,000 and above for goods and services and at $200,000 and above for construction, will be advertised by the Purchasing Branch.  This advertising will be on BC Bid (www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca)  and may include some or all of the following; Bonfire (www.kelowna.bonfirehub.ca), the City web page at www.kelowna.ca,  and the CivicInfo webpage (www.civicinfo.bc.ca).