Purchasing Branch

The Purchasing Branch is part of the Corporate & Protective Services Division and is located at City Hall. Central Stores is located at the Public Works Yard.

Purchasing assists on sourcing supplies, equipment and services to provide City departments with best overall value and is authorized to issue purchase orders (POs). The competive bid process is administered in accordance with municipal, provincial and federal laws.

We are committed to excellence in the acquitition of goods and services and adhere to the highest standards of equity, honesty and open communication.

Buyer Contacts

Each buyer is responsible for the purchase and contract administration for an assigned group of City operating departments and their respective range of goods and services. Suppliers interested in selling to the City should send their company information to the appropriate buyer.

Tim Plante, SCMP
Senior Buyer

  • Community Planning & Real Estate
    • Development Services
    • Policy & Planning
    • Real Estate & Property Service
    • Subdivision, Agriculture & Environment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Urban Planning
    • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure
    • Design & Construction
    • Capital Assets & Investments
    • Parks & Public Places
    • Transportation & Mobility
    • Utilities Planning       

Lori Evans, SCMP
Senior Buyer

  • Regional Services
  • Strategic Services
  • Business Development
  • Kelowna Fire Department
  • Kelowna International Airport 
  • Communications
    • Information Services
    • Community Communications
    • Corporate Communications
    • Senior Communications 

Ryan Chernoff 
Senior Buyer

  • Civic Operations
    • Building Services     
    • Parks Services
    • Public Works
    • Utility Services 

Clint Sampson

  • City Stores Inventory
  • Corporate & Protective Services 
    • Financial Services 
    • Bylaw Services 
    • City Clerks 
    • Police Services 
    • Purchasing 
    • Risk Management 
  • Active Living & Culture 
    • Community & Neighbourhood 
    • Cultural Services 
    • Grants & Partnerships 
    • Recreation Administration & Finance 
    • Sport & Event Development 
  • Public Works
    • Traffic Signals & Systems
    • Traffic Operations
  • Fleet Services  

For all general enquiries contact the Purchasing department:

Bidder's List

The City does not retain a bidder's list or bidders registry.

Companies are invited to submit their marketing information via email to purchasing@kelowna.ca for distribution to the appropriate department(s).

Gifts and gratuities

Purchasing Services has a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of gifts or gratuities of any kind.

Exploring business opportunities with the City?

Standard Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders

Unless superseded by other related documents and agreements, these Terms and Conditions will apply and be binding to suppliers of goods and services. Upon acceptance of a City of Kelowna Purchase Order (PO), the supplier is deemed to have agreed to the City's Standard Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders.