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Action Plan 2020 documentAction Plan 2020 identifies our most notable strategic and operational work to deliver results in 2020 in response to Council priorities 2019–2022. The action plan captures nearly 100 notable operational and infrastructure improvements and initiatives to provide a clear path forward. The plan was developed collaboratively by all our divisions and our organization as a whole is responsible for actioning and delivering on these items. Action Plan 2020 is not an exhaustive list of all the essential work performed by the organization to serve residents.   

The action plan is an important part of our overall integrated strategy and corporate performance management process, which outlines how we set priorities, align the organization, execute the work, measure outcomes, and evaluate opportunities for improvement. 

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Summary of projects and initiatives

The projects and initiatives included in Action Plan 2020 represent work that is currently underway (multi-year, or not completed in the previous year) or planned to start sometime during the year. Many projects and initiatives will advance more than one priority area and/or result. A primary alignment was chosen to avoid replication. Learn more abouour projects planned for 2020 in the text below. 

Council priorities 2019-2022
  • Vibrant neighbourhoods: 25.49%
  • Transportation & mobility: 19.61%
  • Community safety: 17.65%
  • Economic resiliency: 15.69%
  • Environmental protection: 11.76%
  • Social & inclusive: 9.8% 
Community safety
CCTV camera database registryIntegration court approval and implementation
Create a community property/housing standards enforcement team

Integrated security network (Airport)

Data analytics: expand community safety data modelNew safety positions added (25 total: 11 RCMP and 14 support staff)
Develop a Community Safety & Well-Being Strategy Tiered policing model: explore opportunities 
Expand CCTV camera and related security infrastructure 
Social & inclusive
Affordable Housing Land Acquisition StrategySocial Policy Framework
Business case development: Housing for those with complex needsHousing with supports community inclusion team
Business case development: Provision of shelter services 
Transportation & mobility
Curb Space Management StrategyPedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan update
Ethel 3C (Rose - Raymer), Active Transportation CorridorRegional Strategic Transportation Plan: Phase 2
Hillside biking transit pilot programTransportation annual performance monitoring program
Houghton 1 (Nickel - Okanagan Rail Trail), Active Transportation CorridorTransportation master planning and engagement program
Parking strategy: Capri-Landmark Area Plan developmentTransportation Safety Strategy
Vibrant neighbourhoods
350 Doyle Ave. Strategic DispositionDevelopment of multi-sport fieldhouse at Rutland Recreation Park
2040 Official Community Plan updatePandosy Waterfont Park: Phase 1
Art Walk/Civic Plaza: Civic precinct/downtown planningRutland Centennial Park: Phase 4
Artist in Residence pilot programParkinson Recreation Centre: conceptual facility design
Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan implementation Parks Master Plan
City Park Promenade design and construction: Phase 2Strategic redevelopment of key sites, Harvey: Abbott to Richter (Southern Gateway)
Community Access for All, parks and buildings improvement program 


Economic resiliency
5G network development initiative: Phase 1Soaring Beyond 2.5 M Passengers: Air Terminal Building, Phase 1; and, Phase North
Development of East Lands (Airport)Start-up and entrepreneur's partnership program (tech community)
Flight to 2020: Airport development programUnsolicited Proposal Policy implementation
Partnership with Tourism Kelowna 
Environmental protection
Community Electric Vehicle StrategyImplementation of Energy Step Code Strategy for residential buildings (Part 9)
Community Energy Retrofit StrategyKelowna Area Based Water Management Plan
Energy Step Code Implementation Strategy for large/complex buildings (Part 3)Mill Creek flood protection project: new reservoir
Corporate results
  • Clear direction: 55.17%
  • People: 27.59%
  • Financial management: 17.24%
Financial management
Active Living & Culture fees & charges reviewFacility reserve fund review (Active Living & Culture)
Chat bot scale upQuantify actual costs related to building maintenance including service repair
Corporate photography management and access (digital asset management) 
Clear direction
Action Plan 2020Information management program
Budget software replacementOnline applications system upgrade
Corporate Asset Management SystemReplace legacy Community Planning & Development business systems
Council priorities mid-term updateService request system replacement
Data StrategyReporting on Council Priorities 2019-2022
Divisional strategic and business plans Strategy management software: discovery & pilot

Electronic documents & records management system (EDRMS), Phase 1: discovery and plan, Phase 2: selection and implementation

Water meter reading and servicing repatriation
Imagine Kelowna partnerships and communicationWeb platform update to Drupal 8: Phase 2 implementation
Corporate and department engagement plans: track and monitor implementationCollaborative workshops: solution testing (Phase 2) (Community safety)
Corporate succession planning: action plan from People MeetingOrganizational vision & values
Collaborative workshops: discovery (Phase 1) and testing (Phase 2) (Environmental protection)Systems leaders table
Collaborative workshops: discovery (Phase 1) and testing (Phase 2) (Transportation)User-centred Design resource
Maintain and improve base business (operations)
Projects and initiatives
City Hall Renovations: Phase VPassenger bridge upgrades
Corporate Emergency Response and Business Resumption PlanPreliminary plan design program: new projects
Email and mobile marketing platform: Phase 2Safety management software development: City Works
Event StrategyTransition of South East Kelowna Irrigation District integration with City Water Utility
Integrated risk managementUnit 4 approval workflow: Phase 3
Intranet revelopment Update 20 Year Servicing Plan and Development Cost Charges Bylaw in conjunction with Official Community Plan (OCP)
KLO Rd Mission Creek bridge replacementUpdate building condition assessment inventory
Lakeshore Rd (Dehart - Vintage Terrace) Active Transportation CorridorUpdate Heritage Conservation Area development guidelines
McCulloch Area improvements (KLO/Hall/Spiers)Water meter replacement program