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City seeks proposals for heritage sites
Aug. 09, 2012
Accepted until Sept. 11
The City of Kelowna is looking for groups or individuals who value local heritage and see benefits in rehabilitating historical properties for public use.

A request for expressions of interest has been issued for six City heritage properties that require rehabilitation. Proposals to renovate and adapt the buildings to new public uses will be accepted by the City of Kelowna until Sept. 11.

"Heritage preservation is essential to a community's sense of place," says Pat McCormick, a Planner Specialist with the City. "Heritage buildings are tangible links to the stories and memories of Kelowna's history."

The six City-owned heritage buildings are:

St. Aidan's Church, 365 Rutland Road North, 135 Mugford Rd. (two lots)

The Surtees House, 4629 Lakeshore Rd.

The Surtees Barn, 4629 Lakeshore Rd.

Fleming House, 2128 Leckie Pl.

Brent's Grist Mill, 2128 Leckie Pl.

Brent's Mill Dairy Barn, 2128 Leckie Pl.

The City of Kelowna is the steward of these heritage assets and has made significant commitments and investments to maintain these buildings. Given the demand on the City budget to deliver a wide range of infrastructure and services, partnerships with qualified individuals or groups would benefit the conservation and operation of Kelowna's heritage assets.

The City recognizes heritage assets are much more likely to survive when they have viable uses. The Request for Expressions of Interest require some level of public benefit from the partnerships, which could include having the buildings used as museums, art studios, business offices, restaurants or other appropriate adapted uses.

The St. Aidan's site is a possible land development project.

The Request for Expressions of Interest is Phase 1 of the process. A shortlist of qualified proponents from Phase 1 will move on to Phase 2, the more detailed Request For Proposals stage.

Interested individuals and organizations can click on Bidding Opportunities at for full information on this opportunity, or they can contact Tracy Lundberg, Senior Buyer, City of Kelowna at 250-469-8523.