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2010 NeighbourWoods Maple

The NeighbourWoods Program is a residential planting initiative developed by the City of Kelowna's Park Services department to encourage citizens to help grow healthy neighbourhoods and preserve Kelowna’s urban forest.

NeighbourWoods Program Update
The 2015 program wrapped up on Saturday, April 25. This year, 450 trees were purchased by Kelowna citizens to help grow Kelowna's tree canopy.

Autumn Spire Red Maple 
Japanese Tree Lilac 
Regal Prince Oak 
Snowbird Hawthorn

Important note:
Only City of Kelowna residents are eligible. Supply is limited. Restricted to one tree per household. Requesting a certain tree type does not guarantee that the applicant will get the tree of their choice. Supply is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. Trees are exactly $40/each (GST included). There will be no rainchecks. If you are unable to pick up your tree, you forfeit your application. The City does not create waitlists for forfeited trees or for future programs.



Benefits of Trees

Trees improve air quality by removing atmospheric carbon dioxide, absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen. The average Canadian urban tree is estimated to remove approximately 200 kg of carbon from the environment over an 80 year lifespan. View the fact sheet PDF for more information on the Benefits of trees and planting tips.


For more information on trees and NeighbourWoods, contact Park Services at 250-71-PARKS or

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