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Inspections & Permits


The revised B.C. Building Code, B.C. Plumbing Code, and B.C. Fire Code came into effect Dec. 20, 2013. New building permit applications must comply with the requirements of 2012 building code. Building permits submitted before Dec. 20 will be governed by the 2006 edition of the B.C. Codes. Examples of changes to the building code include a requirement for interconnected, or hard-wired, smoke alarms in every bedroom, as well as new requirements for radon soil gas mitigation.

The new B.C. Building Codes is available for purchase at

Visit the Building Code changes for 9.32 & 9.36 here.

Visit the Building Code changes for Ventilation 9.32 here.

See Bulletin 14-04 BCBC Energy Efficiency Requirements for SFD here.

The Building & Permitting Branch oversees all inspection services and issues permits and licenses. Located on the second floor of City Hall, our customer service agents can help you with a full range of development services.

Qualified staff are responsible for:

Staff members can provide advice to builders on the interpretation of codes, and they work closely with the agencies responsible for inspections, electrical, gas and sewage disposal permits.

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Inspection Request

Building, heating and plumbing inspection requests can be made online. Permit numbers are required.

Inspection Requests                 Inspector Areas  


Any person owning or operating a business within the City of Kelowna must obtain an annual business licence to be prominently displayed in their place of business.  Business licences can be renewed when there are no changes to an existing licence using our online Business Licence Renewal system.   

The Government of Canada's BizPaL Online Business Permits and Licences service provides a customized list of permits and licences from all levels of government that you may require for your business.

Building Permits

Applications can be made on the second floor of City Hall for: 


Building Bylaw
Business Licence Bylaw
Floodplain Bylaw
Sign Bylaw
Zoning Bylaw

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