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Citizen Survey

e-pic_survey.pngThe City of Kelowna conducts the Citizen Survey to gauge public satisfaction with municipal programs and services, and to gain an insight into citizens’ rankings of service priorities.

2012 Citizen Survey

In February 2012, the City of Kelowna commissioned Ipsos Reid to telephone survey a randomly selected sample of Kelowna residents (18 years and older). 

The survey focused on eleven key objectives:

  • Identify issues most in need of attention 
  • Determine the qualities & characteristics of an ideal city
  • Assess perceptions of Kelowna's quality of life 
  • Assess perceptions of Kelowna festivals & events
  • Evaluate the City's performance
  • Measure the importance and satisfaction with municipal services
  • Determine the perceived value for taxes
  • Determine the level of support for increasing taxes to fund policing services
  • Identify priorities for investment
  • Identify priorities for parks and level of satisfaction for dog parks
  • Determine the incidence of contact with the City and satisfaction with those experiences

Responses were weighted by age, gender and regional distribution to more accurately reflect the true population of the City of Kelowna.

The insight gained by this research will help guide the City to make important decisions regarding planning, budgeting and issues management.

The Results

View the 2012 Citizen Survey Report presentation.

Overall, responses were positive. Respondents generally believe that they have a good quality of life, satisfactory level and quality of municipal services, receive good value for tax dollars and were satisfied by the City's customer service.

In summary, it was determined that festivals and events have a positive impact on quality of life, transportation issues are top-of-mind, priorities for investment lay with police and fire services, protecting the natural environment, and water and sewage treatment facilities, while neighbourhood parks top the list of park-related investment priorities. Citizens also prefer tax increases over service reductions and there is support for an increase to help cover the increasing costs of police services.

Full results, including methodology, detailed findings and weighted sample characteristics, can be found in the detailed report, prepared by Ipsos Reid.

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