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City Manager's Office

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City Manager Ron Mattiussi provides leadership and coordination to all divisions to ensure City operations provide exceptional customer service to the citizens of Kelowna.  The City Manager ensures that all departments utilize effective and efficient management principles, and challenges each department to strive for better performance.    


To be the best mid-sized city in North America. 


Leading the development of a safe, vibrant and sustainable city.

Organizational Structure

The City Manager administers City Council's direction and oversees City operations. Seven Divisions and the Deputy City Manager report to the City Manager, along with the RCMP Superintendent. City Divisions can be described as teams that deliver either community services or corporate services. See the City's organizational chart for more information. 

Community focused divisions deliver civic services based on a plan, build and operate model. The Community Planning & Real Estate Division provides planning and development related services from long-range plans such as the Official Community Plan, to land acquisition, to shaping building and development in Kelowna’s suburban neighbourhoods and town centres. The Infrastructure Division implements and oversees the construction of a wide variety of capital projects annually.

Daily operation of the City’s buildings, parks, roads and utilities are undertaken by the Civic Operations Division. The Active Living & Culture Division is responsible for programming the city’s recreational and cultural facilities to provide citizens with the opportunity to get active and involved in the community.

Corporate focused divisions provide a variety of services to support the operation of the City of Kelowna as an efficient organization and employer. Strategic Services, under the direction of the Deputy City Manager, oversees operations such as the Kelowna International Airport and the Fire Department, as well as initiatives concerning economic development and regional partnerships. The Corporate & Protective Service Division provides administrative support for Police Services, and manages municipal departments including Bylaw Services, Finance, Purchasing and of the office of the City Clerk.

The Communications & Information Services Division establishes communication strategies and manages technological infrastructure and systems used to deliver information to internal and external audiences. Recruitment and staffing as well as performance and corporate strategy are handled by the Human Resources & Corporate Performance Division.

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