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Hospital Area Plan

The City of Kelowna and Interior Health (IH) are working closely together on a Hospital Area Plan to guide future redevelopment and address parking and transportation needs. Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) has undergone significant expansion over the past few years, presenting various challenges that affect livability in the neighbourhood.

This is a combined land use, transportation and parking strategy with the goal of creating a vibrant Health District that supports hospital-related services while maintaining the integrity of established neighbourhoods.

Phase 1 of the project looked at land use issues between KGH and the residential neighbourhoods on the west side of Pandosy Street. The outcome was a new health services transitional area.

We are now in Phase 2, which started by focusing on on-street parking in the hospital area. This phase is also considering long-term land use and transportation needs to direct growth and redevelopment in the area east of KGH.

On-Street Parking Plan Recommendations

Individual parking area plans allow the City to respond to specific parking-related concerns and align them with the city-wide parking management strategy.

Public input was gathered in the spring about the on-street parking challenges and opportunities in the area. Parking occupancy counts were also completed on several dates and times. Based on these inputs, the following on-street parking recommendations are being proposed to meet the changing needs of the area.

Introduce full-time pay parking on the south side of Royal Avenue along the hospital frontage

  • Improve turn over and increase the availability of short term parking near KGH and the Emergency Department

  • Allow patient/visitor parking for longer than two hours

  • Increase opportunities for street cleaning and maintenance

Introduce pay parking on the Abbott Street and Rose Avenue hospital frontages, from 8am – 8pm daily

  • Improve turnover and increase the availability of short term parking near KGH during daytime hours

  • Provide unrestricted evening and overnight parking opportunities in an area that does not affect nearby residences

Change the north side of Royal Avenue between Long and Pandosy Streets from Resident Permit Only Parking to a full-time 1-hour maximum parking zone

  • Recognize this block is often near empty as it is used very little by residents with permits and a significant portion of the block is an Interior Health off-street parking lot

  • Provide additional short term parking options near KGH and the Emergency Department while maintaining a priority for parking by resident permit holders

Introduce overnight (8pm – 8am) Resident Permit Only Parking for residential blocks closest to the hospital (Long, Glenwood, Christleton, Speer, Abbott, Rose & Atwood)

  • Ensure area residents with permits have access to parking in close proximity to their residence in the evening hours

  • Reduce the impact of 24/7 operations of KGH on the surrounding residential area

  • Encourage use of off-street parking at KGH in the evening and overnight periods

Introduce full-time Resident Permit Only Parking on both sides of Long Street between Royal and Glenwood Avenues (if agreed to by adjacent residents)

  • Recognize this block is often near capacity, mostly with non-permit vehicles

  • Reduce damage being caused to adjacent properties due to heavy parking traffic on non-urbanized boulevards

  • Create additional opportunities for resident parking with removal of Resident Permit Only Parking on Royal Avenue east of Long Street

Expand existing 2-hour maximum daily parking restrictions to include Richter Street between Glenwood and Elliot Avenues

  • Recognize this unrestricted area often experiences high occupancy levels

Enhance existing Resident Parking Program Council Policy to include criteria and provide a method to consider any future requests for implementation of Resident Permit Only Parking restrictions

  • Focus on customer service and fairness in parking practices

Add additional enforcement patrols in the evening and overnight periods

  • Ensure compliance with new and existing restrictions

Public Input

The public was invited to review the on-street parking recommendations and discuss future land use needs with staff and consultants on November 3, 2016.

Review the boards from the Information Session on November 3:

Phase 2 Study Area

Hospital Area Plan Phase 2         Click to enlarge map

Parking Recommendations
Land Use Consultation

Review the boards from the previous open house held in May 2016:

Study Area and Background
Current Parking Restrictions (Map)
Daytime Parking Occupancy Counts (May)
Parking Management Guiding Principles
Kelowna General Hospital Transit
Next Steps

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