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Hospital Area Plan

Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) has undergone significant expansion over the past few years, presenting various challenges that affect livability in the neighbourhood.

The City of Kelowna and Interior Health Authority (IHA) are working closely together on a Hospital Area Plan to guide future redevelopment and address parking and transportation needs in the neighbourhood. Initial steps will focus on on-street parking with information and public engagement about the land-use plan and neighbourhood transportation plan in the larger Health District anticipated in the fall.

What's New?

Phase 2 Study Area

Hospital Area Plan Phase 2
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Individual parking area plans allow the City to respond to specific parking-related concerns and align them with the city-wide parking management strategy.

Residents and business owners were invited to discuss on-street parking challenges and opportunities in May, 2016. Review the boards below.

Study Area and Background
Current Parking Restrictions (Map)
Daytime Parking Occupancy Counts (May)
Parking Management Guiding Principles
Kelowna General Hospital Transit
Next Steps

Take the survey and share your thoughts online from May 16 – 27 at

Next Steps

This exercise will consider hospital and health services uses in the established Health District east of Pandosy Street and will involve:

  • Assessing the current Health District boundary;
  • Reviewing the existing Health District 2 (HD2) zone regulations to identify appropriate uses and built form;
  • Identifying servicing and infrastructure implications of development in the area;
  • Evaluating future parking requirements, including future surface or structured parking; and
  • Considering civic amenities to support more intensive uses in the Health District.

Additional consultation with residents and stakeholders will take place during Phase 2 of this exercise, the timing of which will be considered in collaboration with parking management and Interior Health Authority activities.

Phase 1

In 2014, planning staff began a multi-phased planning exercise to guide future development opportunities while protecting the integrity of the established residential neighbourhoods around KGH.

Through consideration of interface issues and with input from residents and stakeholders, a new health services transitional area was proposed immediately surrounding KGH. A new HD3 zone was also created, which would allow for small-scale health services that are generally compatible with the residential land uses and built form.

By limiting the extent of the HD3 zone, the additional impact to residential neighbourhoods will be minimized and other health services will be directed to the larger Health District east of Pandosy Street.

Council adopted the bylaw amendments on September 16, 2014, designating selected properties on Royal Avenue and Christleton Avenue as Health District and making the new HD3 zone available for those property owners who choose to rezone.

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