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Development Engineering

Development EngineeringDevelopment Engineering reviews the engineering design and servicing requirements of development applications in the City, reviews and approves all development-associated construction, and accepts the final constructed facility on behalf of the City.

The Development Engineering is readily available to meet with developers and the public to discuss development servicing requirements. The Branch maintains schedules for engineering input into development applications and construction drawing approval.

In addition, the Division aims to:

  • Minimize the possible impact of new development on existing City facilities and the public tax burden by overseeing the installation of works and utilities infrastructure by the development community. Ensure that developers build to the standards outlined in the Subdivision, Development and Servicing Bylaw and the Zoning Bylaw.
  • Ensure Land Use Management receives engineering input into development applications. This includes a review of all offsite requirements for a development.
  • Ensure development designs and construction drawings are in accordance with City engineering standards, and in accordance with the applications as approved by Council.
  • Manage the City’s interest in work completed by non City-owned public utilities. This includes review and approval of utility works.
  • Reduce the City’s liability for letters of credit associated with construction work. This involves the assessment of all letters of credit related to development and site inspections to review construction progress.

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