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Public Consultation

During each phase of the ASP, the applicant team is required to host a Public Information Session to provide area residents and interested members of the public the opportunity to have their views incorporated into a report to the City at the conclusion of each phase. 

The reports are reviewed and changes required are identified, in response to either resident or staff concerns. Council will consider endorsement of the ASP followed by the other land use permissions required in order for the development to proceed.

In April of 2012, the applicant team held the first of the required Public Information Sessions to provide area residents with an update on their proposal and on their review of existing conditions. The second and final Public Information Session was held on April 17, 2013.

Beyond the required Public Information Session, the applicant team has committed to broader engagement, including a regular newsletter, email list, notice boards, and a website. These are outlined in the Public Consultation Plan, approved by Council.

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