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Inset Map 9


Below is the inset map for Kelowna's Rutland neighbourhood.

Download a full-sized PDF of this insert by clicking on the map.

The map legend is found just below this inset.

BikeMap-Inset9pdf icon

Printing Instructions
The map is set to print an standard size paper (8.5x11). To print a larger version (e.g. 11x17), click File, Print Setup and change the size to 11x17 and click OK. Now you can print on 11x17 paper.

To zoom into a specific section of the map, click Tools, Select and Zoom, Snapshot tool. Use the Snapshot tool to select the area you wish to zoom in on by clicking and dragging it over the area. The area will now be copied and highlighted. Now click File, Print, and just the highlighted area will be set to print.


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