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Adopt-a-Stream Program

The City of Kelowna is promoting an Adopt-a-Stream program to give organizations, families, individuals, clubs and community groups the opportunity to assist the City in keeping Kelowna’s streams healthy.

Groups can pledge to help our streams by:

  • Picking up litter and debris 
  • Painting yellow fish on storm drains        

    Layer Cake Mountain Girl Guides in action  


     Okanagan College - caring for their stream


  • Removing noxious weeds


The Adopt-a-Stream Program requires that an organization adopt a portion of a stream for at least two years. The minimum requirements include picking up litter along the stream a minimum of twice a year. Additionally, within the two year adoption period the group will paint yellow fish (see Yellow Fish Road) on the storm drains in the area adjacent to their portion of the adopted stream.

City supplies kits that contain garbage bags, gloves and garbage pickers. Kits can be picked up from Park Services, 1359 KLO Rd.

Available Streams
May 2 (Sutherland)
Map 3 (Ethel St)
Map 4 (Water St.)


Once the first clean up has been completed, the City will install and maintain an Adopt-a-Stream sign, displaying the name of the active group volunteering in the area.

These are the groups currently participating in the program.


The Adopt-a-Stream program encourages organizations to make a commitment to our environment. Healthy streams, even very small ones, are an asset to our community. Streams and stream corridors provide 85 per cent of our wildlife species with habitat, plus valuable spawning and rearing areas for fish. They affect our drinking water and have a large influence on our recreational water quality.

For more information
, please watch our instructional video.

To adopt a stream, contact the program coordinator.

Claudia Buhler
Program Coordinator

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