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Area Structure Plans

Area Structure Plans (ASP’s) are to be prepared by land owner(s) for areas identified in the Official Community Plan as ASP areas, or for areas where the proponent is contemplating a proposal which:

  • does not conform to the purpose and intent of the Official Community Plan; and is of sufficient magnitude in terms of population, units of development, servicing constraints, social impact or economic burden on the municipality; or
  • in Council’s view may affect adjacent properties, land uses or the natural environment; or
  • in Council’s view may be affected by hazardous conditions; or
  • in Council’s view may affect municipal heritage sites, or a revitalization area; and
  • such other matters as may be required, unique to the plan area under consideration.

The Plan area shall be as outlined in the OCP or as authorized by resolution of Council. The Plan will work towards those objectives and policies stated in the OCP. Council will consider approval of the ASP, with relevant urban centre, road network and land use designations adopted as an OCP amendment following a Public Hearing.

ASP’s provide:

  • an inventory of existing conditions
  • a statement of development objectives and policies
  • information on the natural environment and associated influences on development
  • identification of major future land uses by type and density
  • general location of transportation networks
  • identification of need for major institutional facilities and information on the location and type of development permit areas.

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