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Your contribution to clean air does make a difference!

There are lots of things you can do to help improve local air quality. Check out the suggestions below and review the Air Quality Guide to get started!

Get Active

We are all want to protect our community and improve our health. Choosing active transportation, like walking, cycling and transit is a great way to help our environment and improve your health. You will also enjoy the beauty of our city that you just don’t see from your vehicle! Check out the Regional smartTRIPS program for events and ideas to help you get moving!     


Small engines are BIG polluters

Lawnmowers and other small engines are responsible for creating some of the worst air pollutants! The best thing to do is replace gas lawnmowers and other small engines with electric or human powered machines. If you are not able to replace your equipment, be careful when using it. Always use caution to avoid spilling fuel, keep your equipment properly maintained, use alternatives whenever possible, and recycle your equipment properly when replacing it. See the Regional District of Central Okanagan recycling page for more information on recycling old machinery.

Home Heating and Energy Use

Reducing home heating and energy use will save you money and help reduce air pollution. Rebates on energy efficient upgrades are available from Fortis. The City of Kelowna’s Energy page also has some great ideas to help you reduce energy use.

Wood Heating

If you burn wood for heating, ensure you are burning properly. It is illegal to burn anything other than untreated, seasoned (dry) wood. Check out the woodstove change out program and the wood burning best practices for videos and great advice on woodstove use.

Indoor Air Pollution

Household products ranging from new carpets to air fresheners to cleaning products can contain toxic chemicals that negatively impact indoor air quality and affect your health. For information on indoor air pollutants see the EPA guide to indoor air quality

You can also access important information about indoor quality at Interior Health links to external site

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