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2015 Corporate Community Award Recipients    

Boyd Autobody & Glass

What happens when you combine a classic old car and a barbeque? For Boyd Autobody, not only did it make a very cool looking “car-baque” but put the word fun into fundraiser. Over the years, “carbaque” rentals have resulted in an average of $2500 annually for the SPCA. In 2015, Boyd’s added another “carbaque” to their fleet to help boost proceeds in coming years.

 Every June, Boyd’s hosts the Father’s Day car show, generating a minimum of $10,000 annually to donate. In 2015, $11,124 was donated to the YMCA Strong Kids campaign. Over the past 10 years, they’ve donated over $100,000, to various charities.

In 2015, the Girl Guides needed a truck to deliver Boyd’s 600 boxes of cookies which were then given to customers. Boyd’s Christmas Food Drop campaign generated so much, it took an entire week to disperse the van load to food banks through the valley. They also raised $2500 over Christmas with a headlight restoration and exterior wash promotion for Cops for Kids.

Anticipating a shortage of trained collision repairman, Boyd’s have built a mobile collision repair demonstration vehicle they’re touring through local high schools and made a donation towards Okanagan College’s training facility.



Valley First

Valley First’s website states, “We give with our hearts, hands, minds and dollars,” and in 2015, they truly lived by these words. With hearts and hands, employees donated countless hours to the Kelowna Foodbank, Parks Alive! and through Make a Difference Days. They appeared at sweltering soccer games with cold drinks and freezies and at jamborees with snacks and water. Their Feed the Valley food drive is recognized nationally raising over $950,000 and 64,000 pounds of food since 2005 and in 2015, donated over $113,000 to local charities to prevent hunger.

With their minds and dollars, they’ve sponsored Kelowna United soccer via the Valley First Soccer Center and helped attract outside attention, to offer programs during the winter months. They’ve also helped many young soccer players by subsidizing their fees and sponsoring the annual COYSA Indoor Soccer Tournament where they also collect donations for the Feed the Valley food drive. Additional events they sponsored in 2015 include  the Tommie Awards, the Apple Triathlon and more.

They provide bursaries and scholarships for graduates and created a basic money management course for elementary schools kids. In Kelowna and surrounding area, they donated over $277,000 in 2015.




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