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2014 Fred Macklin Memorial Award Recipient

David Krysko


Kelowna’s official animal should be the penguin. Home to Club Penguin, when co-founder Dave Krysko and his partners sold it to Disney in 2007, it became part of the deal that it, and the 400 jobs it created, remain in Kelowna. The result is over a $150 million economic impact over the years.

With his share of the sale, Dave and his wife Donara have quietly begun transforming lives in Kelowna. They founded Karis Support Society to run 12 addiction recovery homes here at an annual cost of $1.4 million.  Other charities his Krysko Family Foundation supports include Building Healthy Families, Creators Arts Centre and Tribehouse. Some 600 volunteer hours or more have gone into these pursuits.

Outside of Kelowna, Dave founded the New Horizon Foundation to work primarily in Romania and Moldova, holding medical workshops to train local surgeons in modern western surgical techniques.

As a musician and supporter of the arts, he founded the Streaming Café and Bottega Farm Inn and in September, he joined Okanagan College as the Entrepreneur in Residence, and has since volunteered 100 hours or more in that position. All of this possible because of a penguin!





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