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2015 Augie Ciancone Memorial Award Male Recipient

Parker Simson


As one of the provincial leaders in passing, rushing and receiving, it came as little surprise that Parker was awarded varsity football’s Provincial Offensive Player of the Year award. What did come as a surprise, however, was that he was also named the Provincial Defensive Player of the Year. His talents on the field are so dominant that he is a coveted player for Team BC and was featured on American television’s Fox Sports One and on the Bleacher Report’s internet sports coverage.

During the off-season of football, Parker was captain of the KSS Owls AAAA basketball team, having twice earned the Okanagan Valley’s Most Valuable Player and in 2015, MVP at the Western Canada Tournament and a first team all-star. He also plays on Team BC’s Basketball team and is a member of the Canadian Centre for Performance for Basketball.

Parker volunteered to help coach the KSS Junior football team while he was injured and became a volunteer assistant basketball coach in the KMBA, attending leadership conferences to learn more. Despite all his training, volunteering and a part time job, he still found time to earn excellent grades.



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