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Sport Grants

We all need a little help sometimes. The City of Kelowna recognizes the need for financial aid to support the competition, education and event hosting needs of our locally-based sport community.  In response, the following community sport grants have been established: Sport Education Grant, Sport Event Grant, Athletic Excellence Grant, and KidSportTM Grant.

Community Sport Delivery Grant

The Community Sport Delivery Program (CSDP) has been created to support the staffing needs (i.e. Head Coach, Administrator) of Local Sport Organizations and assist in the delivery of local sport participation and performance initiatives. This grant will fund paid positions to ensure the provision of a wide range of programs and services to athletes, coaches, and volunteers from the grassroots to competitive levels that align with the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) Model.

    Community Sport Delivery Program Grant Application
    Community Sport Delivery Program Grant Information

Sport Education Grant

Supported by the Kelowna 2008 BC Summer Games Legacy Fund, the Sport Education Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to local coaches or officials interested in upgrading their training and/or certification beyond introductory levels. The Grant can also be used for local sport organizations to host advanced sport development courses/seminars for local coaches and officials.

    Sport Education Grant Application 
    Sport Education Grant Information

Sport Event Grant

The Sports Event Development Grant provides financial support to local community sporting organizations hosting a sporting event in Kelowna. It is intended that this fund will provide the stimulus and seed money to assist non-profit organizations to bid, host, create, market and administer new sports-based events.

    Sport Event Grant Application 
    Sport Event Grant Information

Athletic Excellence Grant

The Athletic Excellence Grant has been established to assist high performance athletes or teams with the travel-related expenses associated with participating in high-level sporting events such as provincial or national championships.

    Athletic Excellence Grant Application 
    Athletic Excellence Grant Information 
    Final Report

KidSportTM Grant

KidSport™ is a community based sport-funding program established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport™ provides grants for children ages 6 – 18 to participate in a sport season of their choice. 

    KidSport Kelowna Grant Application


All Sport Grant Applications should be completed and submitted to:

    Sport Kelowna Centre 
    645 Dodd Road 
    Kelowna, BC 
    V1X 5H1 
    FAX: 250 862-3327

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