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Private Hydrants

Private hydrants can be found in private parking lots, industrial complexes, apartments and strata developments.

Private hydrants are to be used for fire suppression only. Permits will not be issued for any other use.

The British Columbia Fire Code (Section 6.6.4. Hydrants) requires the owners of private hydrants to ensure the following:


  • Hydrants shall be maintained in operating condition.
  • No person shall make any attachment or connection to any hydrant on public or private property without the authority of the Fire Chief and local water improvement district.
  • An area having a radius of one (1) meter around each fire hydrant shall be maintained clear and unobstructed, and each such hydrant shall be located in clear view from the roadway while approaching thereto from either direction.


  • Hydrant(s) shall be inspected at intervals not greater than 12 months and after each use.


  • The type, capacity, colour, location and maintenance of each fire hydrant on privately owned lands shall be subject to the approval of the Fire Chief. Records of inspections and tests on the hydrant(s) shall be submitted to the Fire Chief on an annual basis and after each use.


  • Hydrants shall be inspected to ensure that hydrant caps are in place and caps with worn, rusted or obstructed threads which might hamper easy removal, shall be repaired or replaced.
  • Hydrant barrels shall be inspected to determine if water has accumulated as a result of a leaking main valve or a plugged or damaged drain valve.
  • Main valves which are leaking and drain valves which are plugged or damaged shall be repaired (where it is not practical to repair faulty drain valves or where drain valves are intentionally plugged, measures shall be taken to prevent the freezing of accumulated water.)


  • Hydrants shall be flushed at intervals not greater than 12 months with the main valve and any outlet valves fully opened until the water runs clear.


  • When repainting hydrants, the barrel shall be painted General Paint Weather-it Yellow (paint code 10-229)
  • If the water flow is known the caps and top of the hydrant shall be painted as follows:
    • 0 to 30 litres/second (0 to 500 USgpm): Weather-it Red (Paint code 10-222)
    • 31 to 63 litres/second (500 to 1000 USgpm): Weather-it Orange (Paint code B54z-400) 
    • 64 to 95 litres/second (1000 to 1500 USgpm): Weather-it Green (Paint code 10-230)
    • Greater than 95 litres/second (1500+USgpm): Weather-it Blue (Paint code 10-234)
  • If the water flow is not known, contact your hydrant maintenance people who may have to flow the hydrant to determine the flow. Records of the flow shall be submitted to the Fire Chief.

The City of Kelowna Water Utility does not inspect or repair private hydrants. Please consult the yellow pages of your telephone book under FIRE PROTECTION & PREVENTION CONSULTANTS for a listing of companies that inspect and repair private hydrants.

For more information, contact the fire department

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