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Pesticide Free 

The City of Kelowna's Pesticide Bylaw, established in 2009, regulates cosmetic, nonessential pesticide usage on residential properties.  Pesticides include such products as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and weed and feed type products.

A list of less toxic,
excluded pesticides can be found in Schedule 2 of the bylaw document. Read the label to determine if the pesticide is permitted under the bylaw. 

Why reduce pesticides?

Pesticide use can negatively impact the health of our community and environment.

Using home and garden pesticides is a band-aid solution that may amplify lawn and garden problems and pose a risk to people, pets, wildlife and beneficial insects. Rainfall and overwatering can cause excess pesticides and fertilizers from your lawn and garden to run off via storm drains into our creeks, impacting the health and habitat of fish and aquatic organisms. 

The City is encouraging residents to use Healthy Yard practices to grow a healthy, natural lawn. Please report the application of illegal pesticides, using the City's Service Request System. Pesticides can only be applied by Certified Pesticide Applicators in the City of Kelowna.

Pesticide Notification Registry

Residents who would like to be notified prior to commercial pesticides being applied to abutting properties can register with the Pesticide Notification Registry before March 15 each year. 

Pesticide Free Workshops

As part of the Pesticide Free education and awareness campaign, the City offered free workshops in 2011 designed to provide the residents with knowledge and tools to make healthier, more environmentally-friendly yard maintenance choices.

View the Pesticide Free Workshop videos (below) and download the Pesticide Free workshop handouts: 

  • Beneficial Nematodes                                       
  • How to use BTK                                                
  • Battling dandelions                                                
  • Soil test kits                                                
  • Discouraging weeds

Learn more

For more information, to order free educational materials and to receive specific pest/weed control advice, email or leave a message at 250-469-8881.

For specific information on pesticide alternatives, please contact CropHealth ( or your local nursery/garden center.


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