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Roadway Maintenance


Adopt a Road

The Adopt-A-Road Program gives private organizations, clubs and community groups the opportunity to help the City keep Kelowna beautiful by volunteering their labour to pick up litter along the sides of undeveloped arterial frontages.  

The City’s road network is divided into fifteen areas. A volunteer group must commit to looking after the entire length of road within one of these areas for two years. Once the first clean-up has been completed, the City installs and maintains ‘Adopt-A-Road’ signs which display the volunteer organization’s name.

Roadway Operations crews spent about $80,000 and many hours cleaning roadside litter and illegal dump sites each year -- that's equivalent to 75,000 pounds of trash! To date over seventy community groups have “adopted” 157 kilometres of City roadways and are doing their part to keep our roads litter free.  


All bridges are inspected on a yearly basis and repaired as needed.

Litter Pick-Up

The City of Kelowna takes pride in its road system and strives to remove litter promptly.

From spring through fall, litter is removed from the downtown area on a daily basis with a small vacuum machine.  Litter is removed from all major roads on a weekly basis with the exception of major roads leading to the landfill (Glenmore Road and Sexsmith Road) which are checked daily. 

Litter will not be picked up on private property.

Road Marking

All road markings are re-painted once a year.  On roads where there is significant road wear, for example arterials and connectors, centre and lane lines will be painted twice per year.  Crosswalks are re-painted once per year and as needed throughout the year.

Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance

Based on the prioritization method outlined in the City of Kelowna’s Sidewalk Master Plan, new sidewalks are constructed throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.

All sidewalks are inspected in the spring and repaired as needed.

Traffic Sign Installation and Repairs

Regulatory signs such as ‘Stop’ and ‘Yield’ signs are replaced or repaired as soon as notification is received.  All other signs are replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

The Roadway Maintenance and Equipment department is responsible for the maintenance and programming of signalized intersections, pedestrian activated intersections and the solar powered crosswalk warning flashers.

Weed Control


All road shoulders are mowed a minimum of three times per year. 

Chemicals are used to control weeds on some of the sidewalks, brickwork, medians and islands in the City.  The majority of the chemical weed control is done along Highway 97 from Abbott Street to Highway 33 and along Highway 33 from Highway 97 to Muir Road.  A contractor is hired to perform the chemical application.

A separate contractor is responsible for the string trimming around poles and for the mowing and cleaning of walkways including controlling weeds in sidewalk cracks and crevices.

For more information
, call 250 469-8600 or Report a Problem by filling out an online service request.

Highway 97 and 33 are maintained by the Provincial Ministry of Transportation, report a highway maintenance problem online.

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