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Snow Removal and Ice Control

During the snow removal season, the City of Kelowna works hard to create a safe city for residents and visitors.

The City of Kelowna encourages residents to lend a helping hand to lesser-able neighbours by being Snow Busters.

Residents are responsible for clearing snow from their driveways and the sidewalk fronting their properties. The City is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks that are on City property.

Road Clearing Priority

The Transportation Services group is responsible for snow removal and ice control on roadways and sidewalks within the City of Kelowna boundaries. Roads are cleared based on their priority status.

Snow Removal Map
Snow Removal Priorities Map pdf icon

Priority One includes:
  • Arterial Roads
  • Average Daily Vehicle Count >15,000
  • Main route from a neighbourhood

Priority Two:

  • Collector Roads
  • Average Daily Vehicle Count >5,000 but <15,000
  • Grades >10%
  • Bus Routes
  • School Zones
  • Town Centres
  • Emergency vehicle station

Priority Three includes all other Local Roads.

Priority Four is reserved for lanes providing access to properties.

Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

The Road Weather Information System (RWIS) provides up to date information from sensors placed in certain roads throughout the city. These sensors reveal surface and sub-surface temperatures, humidity levels, ambient air temperature and the percentage of anti-icing treatment left on the road. All of this information is used to determine what treatment roads require.

The anti-icing substance used by the City consists of a magnesium chloride solution that is sprayed onto the road surface. This substance stops ice from forming on the roads and also prevents snow and ice from bonding with the road surface, making it easier to remove. The City attempts to apply this substance to roadways before a storm.

Depending on temperatures and the accumulation levels of snow and ice, a salt-brine solution, which is manufactured by the City, may also be used in combination with sand. However, the City of Kelowna prides itself in being environmentally aware - the anti-icing substance combined with RWIS means that the amount of salt used throughout the winter is minimal.

All winter staff attend a snow and ice training course each year and are certified to operate various pieces of equipment.

All snow removal and ice control preparation is scheduled to be completed by November 1 of each year.

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